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Parents sue Cobb County School District over mask mandate

Tray Ling

Five parents with students in the Cobb County School District have filed a lawsuit against the district’s face mask mandate.

The suit, filed April 9 in Cobb Superior Court, claims that the district’s mandate, which was announced before the start of the current school year, “has arbitrarily and capriciously segregated the student population.”

The mandate, which applies to all students, teachers and other staff working on school campuses, has effectively created two “separate, but unequal” learning environments, one in-person, and one virtual, according to the lawsuit.

(You can read it here.)

The suit, which names Superintendent Chris Ragsdale

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Family says former Vice President Walter Mondale has died at 93

Tray Ling

His family reported his death Monday evening.

An icon of American liberalism in the second half of the 20th century, Mondale made his biggest mark as the vice president who converted that office from a historical joke — Vice President John Nance Gardner famously described it as a job that wasn’t “worth a pitcher of warm spit” — to one of the vital centers in American government.

Asked in 2007 to describe his proudest accomplishment under President Jimmy Carter, Mondale repeated a favorite line: “We told the truth, we obeyed the law, and we kept the peace.

“It may not

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What fat kids actually need.

Tray Ling

Should your child’s weight determine your fitness to be a parent? According to a family court judge in Sussex, England, the answer seems to be yes. In a decision filed last October, which recently made international headlines, District Judge Gillian Ellis ordered that then–16-year-old “Child C” and 13-year-old “Child D” be placed in foster care after their parents failed to help them lose weight. “I know that you love your mother and father very much and I know they love you too,” Ellis wrote. “But I am concerned about your health and the way in which your weight impacts

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Fox killed after terrorizing Topsham neighborhood

Tray Ling

A fox attacked three people and two dogs in Topsham on Saturday before being shot to death.

It follows a spate of fox attacks in Topsham over the past month, including four over the span of two weeks.

The fox was first seen hiding under a porch at a residence off Winter Street around 10:17 a.m, The Times Record reported.

It then attacked a dog and a 69-year-old man on Western Avenue about 45 minutes after it was first sighted. A Maine game warden was called to the scene.

Then at about 11:18 a.m, the fox attacked a dog and

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Friends, family remember Glynn County teen shot, killed

Tray Ling

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – Javier Cordova’s mother says skateboarding was one of her son’s passions in life and that the skate park was his favorite place to be.

The 17-year-old was shot and killed early Saturday morning in Glynn County, investigators said. Two people have been arrested and charged with felony murder.

In memory of her son — Mary, his mother, on Monday organized an event at the skate park.

“It’s the least we can do right now until we’re able to have a memorial service for him,” she said.

The teen was found unresponsive on the side of Cypress Mill

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