Goshen house found in violation of Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance | News

Tray Ling

GOSHEN — A Goshen house located on the city’s northwest side was found to be in violation of a city ordinance during a meeting of the Goshen Board of Public Works and Safety Monday afternoon.

The hearing involved a vacant property at 4410 Midway Road, owned by Ronnie and Mary Lou Martin, 24093 C.R. 126, Goshen.

According to Travis Eash, code enforcement officer for the city, the property was originally inspected on Feb. 16 and found to have a number of violations related to the city’s Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance.

An order was then issued to have the violations corrected by

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‘Something Wild’ weaves sibling dynamics and domestic violence into a powerful debut

Tray Ling

“Something Wild” is a deceptively easy read of a gut-wrenching story told from the rotating perspective of two sisters and their mother. Tanya and Nessa share a traumatic childhood experience, the details of which are revealed through flashbacks and present moments over a weekend as they return home to help their mom, Lorraine, move out of the family house. Debut author Hanna Halperin, a 2015 University of Wisconsin–Madison MFA graduate, deftly demonstrates how differently siblings can be shaped by the same experience; how we hold ourselves responsible for other people’s behavior, the generational impact of trauma, and how helpless we

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Neighborhood gravely concerned over ‘dangerous’ ditch

Tray Ling

OSCEOLA, Ark. (KAIT) – Osceola residents are fed up with the condition of a drainage ditch that runs behind their homes.

Our crew saw a broken pipe and wires sticking out near one of the homes on Parkway Street.

While residents wanted to stay anonymous, one believes the ditch could be potentially dangerous.

“It holds a lot of snakes, possums,” they said.

To make matters worse, a hole formed right along the ditch.

Residents say a hole formed along the ditch and caused a child to slip recently.(KAIT)

A woman said people walk by it daily. Sunday afternoon, she

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Birmingham residents concerned about excessive flooding in their neighborhood

Tray Ling

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Several Birmingham residents are still drying out after a weekend of flooding.

They said it’s not just storm water they’re concerned about, but also a creek that overflows almost every time it rains.

We have had our share of rain lately, and neighbors in the 400 block of Fulton Avenue SW said they live near a floodplain spillway, and over the weekend the area looked more like a swimming pool than a neighborhood.

“I have been in this area for 30 years and the flooding has been…has progressively getting worse,” said Sandra Clark.

The 400 block

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Naperville residents describe the tornado that damaged their neighborhood

Tray Ling

Naperville resident Daniela Kaleskova was falling asleep in her home on Nutmeg Lane when she was startled awake by an alert on her phone.

The word “tornado” appeared to jump off the screen as her son ran into her room, asking what they should do. They made it to the basement just in time before the brunt of the storm hit.

When they came upstairs a while later, they noticed broken windows on their house and damage to their car, which was sitting in the driveway. But when Kaleskova saw her neighbor’s house — the roof ripped off, the upstairs

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